Get started on the worlds most simple platform for voice publishing

With sonarbird, you can record and publish flash briefings for Alexa at ease with your own voice

A Flash Briefing is the most simple way to reach your new audience with your own voice on Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

We estimate that this year 50 Million people worldwide will have access to a voice assistent. Last year, 20 million devices were sold. About 70 Million will be sold worldwide in 2018

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Give your brand its own voice. Yours!

Computer generated voices sound great. They offer an amazing user experience on voice assistents. But they are recognized as the voice of Amazon or Google. And every competitor using text to speech uses the same voice. 

To get your brand identity on voice assistents right, you need to use your own voice. We help you realize this by recording a flash briefing as easy as writing an email.



  • Record you Voice Briefing in our Webapp on your laptop or upload an existing file
  • Reach new audiences on the worlds fastest growing media platform
  • No IT department or technical knowledge needed



Voice is now like the internet in 1994 or
Social Media in 2007. Start today!